Press Release


Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz announced today the creation of eight advisory councils to enhance communications between her office and the various communities that comprise the most diverse county in the United States.

“The first time people interact with the District Attorney should not be during a time of crisis or tragedy,” DA Katz said. “I am determined to open the doors of the office to the communities of Queens, invite them in, hear their concerns and make sure they know our office.”

The councils now in formation are:

The African-American Advisory Council

The Clergy Advisory Council

The East Asian Advisory Council

The Jewish Advisory Council

The Labor Advisory Council

The Latino Advisory Council

The LGBTQ Advisory Council


The South Asian Advisory Council

The District Attorney said she expects each council to consist of 45-50 members who will share information and observations, particularly about crimes that are underreported to the police, such as scams and frauds that may go un-reported because of immigration fears.

“This is a time when people want to feel safe and that starts by enhancing trust in law enforcement and the justice system,” DA Katz said. “Throughout years of public service here in Queens, I’ve learned that trust comes from building close relationships in all parts of the borough.”

Each Council will meet at least once before the end of 2020 and will have a regular set schedule for 2021. Due to COVID, the initial meetings will be virtual.

The District Attorney said that additional councils could be formed in the near future, as needed.