The Supreme Court Trial Division includes four Felony Trial Bureaus, the Hate Crimes Bureau, and the Felony Operations.


Felony Operations

Grand Jury Bureau

The Grand Jury Bureau oversees the coordination and presentation of all felony matters before the Grand Jury.

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Felony Conferencing Bureau

This newly created bureau coordinates and facilitates dispositions on felony complaints and works closely with the Grand Jury Bureau.

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Felony Trial Bureaus

Felony Trial Bureau I

Felony Trial Bureau I takes cases from inception through its disposition. From the point of investigating, prosecuting, and potentially offering a plea agreement to defendants, the Assistant District Attorneys within the bureau develop a unique skill set. The ADAs present cases to grand juries, conduct suppression hearings before a judge – as well as other hearings. These prosecutors become adept at trial work and develop valuable experience on how to communicate with witnesses and preparing them to testify in Court. The ADAs learn to become professional lawyers with an emphasis on integrity.

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Felony Trial Bureau II

Felony Trial Bureau II handles the bulk of all felony prosecutions in Queens County, including illegal drug sales, auto thefts, assaults, burglaries, robberies, attempted murder, vehicular manslaughter, and more. During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and beyond, the bureau continued to present cases to grand juries, conducted preliminary hearings, and handled Court cases virtually.

The bureau’s ADAs receive ongoing training on how to handle all aspects of felony prosecution. The prosecutors receive intensive supervision on grand jury practice, motion practice, and litigation for hearings and trials.

Cases are assigned following a defendant’s arraignment and handled vertically by the same ADA. Each assistant evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of cases, as well as determines whether alternatives to incarceration are appropriate through our multitude of extensive treatment options. That same ADA maintains responsibility for each case they’re assigned until its final resolution.

Several of the bureau's assistants have participated in the QDA’s Rider Program where they respond to crime scenes, take statements, attend lineups, and ready search warrants if needed. They correspond with investigators on serious matters and are supervised by a veteran senior prosecutor during their rotations. Throughout this process, assistants gain invaluable experience and become seasoned litigators ready to move up to more senior bureaus.

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Felony Trial Bureau III

Felony Trial Bureau III also handles the bulk of all felony prosecutions in Queens County from drug dealing to vehicular homicides. During the coronavirus health pandemic, the bureau continued to present cases to grand juries, conduct preliminary hearings, and handled cases with virtual appearances before the Court.

ADAs receive ongoing training on all aspects of felony prosecution with intensive supervision on grand jury procedures, motions, and litigating both hearings and trials. Again, with this bureau, cases are assigned after a defendant has been arraigned and the same ADA handles the case as it moves forward. The assistants are entrusted with evaluating each case's strengths and weaknesses and determining whether or not alternatives to incarceration are appropriate.
This bureau's ADAs have also had experience with the QDA’s Rider Program. The assistants respond to crime scenes, take statements, attend lineups, and are ready to draw up search warrants when needed. They correspond with detectives in the investigation of serious matters and each ADA is supervised by an experienced senior prosecutor during their rotations.

Throughout this overall process, assistants gain invaluable experience and become seasoned litigators.

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Felony Trial Bureau IV

One of the key components in reducing crime in Queens County has been the strong and sustained efforts of the Felony Trial Bureaus.  Felony Trial Bureau IV is one of the four established Supreme Court Trial Bureaus aimed at prosecuting crimes charging defendants with a variety of felony charges, including but not limited to Robberies, Attempted Murders, Burglaries, street-level dealers arrested on felony drug possession or sale charges as a result of police observations of transactions between two or more individuals or after the sale of drugs to an undercover police officer; Driving While Intoxicated and Assaults.  The unit also focuses on providing Alternative Sentencing Programs to defendants in appropriate cases.  The bureau, in addition to the supervisors, is comprised of a group of 14 Assistant District Attorneys, whose mission is to prosecute these crimes and provide justice to the citizens of Queens County.

Another integral part of the bureau is oversight and staffing of our Felony Problem Solving Courts, specifically, Queens Drug Court, Queens Mental Health Court, Queens DWI Court, Queens Veterans Court, and Queens Judicial Diversion Court in which addicts and/or defendants with mental illness have been placed in community-based treatment programs (i.e. long term residential treatment, outpatient and detox) in lieu of incarceration. These problem-solving, non-adversarial court utilizes the collaborative team approach to manage and monitor defendants; and employs a great deal of judicial monitoring, weekly drug testing and the use of graduated sanctions and rewards.  The Assistant District Attorneys who staff these parts handle the day-to-day calendars, participate in all team meetings and provide valuable information as it relates to the defendants’ progress, success, or potential failure.  These Assistants work with the Office’s Alternative Sentencing Unit that is responsible for coordinating the screening of defendants’ office-wide who are eligible for any type of alternative treatment.

On another level, Felony Trial Bureau IV is also responsible for the Citywide Ignition Interlock Program.  This program monitors the ignition interlock device (IID) that is required to be installed in all vehicles in which a defendant has been convicted of a DWI offense and sentenced to a Conditional Discharge. It is our responsibility to notify the Court and the five District Attorney’s Offices and provide testimony about any violations associated with the Courts’ ordering of the installation and maintenance of the device during a specified period.

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Hate Crimes Bureau

Queens County is one of the most diverse places in the world. Shortly after being sworn into Office, Queens DA Melinda Katz created the Hate Crimes bureau, one of the first bureaus dedicated exclusively to investigating and prosecuting hate crimes in the country.

The bureau is staffed by senior and experienced attorneys who have developed expertise in handling these challenging cases. They assist in the investigation from the commencement of the investigation and work closely with the New York City Police Department’s Hate Crimes Task Force and local precincts.
Additionally, the bureau actively interacts with the community, educating people about their rights and how to protect themselves from bias-motivated crimes and encouraging reporting.

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