The Criminal Practice and Policy Division consists of the Intake and Assessments Bureau, the Criminal Court Bureau, the Diversion and Alternative Sentencing Unit, the Crime Victims Advocate Program, and the Rehabilitation Programs and Restorative Services Bureau.

Criminal Court Bureau

The Criminal Court Bureau handles more than 10,000 misdemeanor cases every year including charges of assault, drunk driving, larceny, and others. These cases are all prosecuted by new Assistant District Attorneys. Complainants are supported by the Crime Victims Advocacy Programs. Eligible defendants in low-level offense cases are provided opportunities to engage in drug treatment, anger management, and other diversion programs.

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Intake and Assessments Bureau

The Intake and Assessments Bureau is responsible for making appropriate charging decisions and preparing accusatory instruments for all arrest cases in Queens County. Within hours of arrest, Intake Assistant District Attorneys and paralegals interview crime victims, crime witnesses, and law enforcement officers. They also gather all video and documentary evidence necessary to make these decisions. The bureau ensures timely arraignments and works with the District Attorney’s Alternative Sentencing Program to jointly run the Office’s Pre-Arraignment Diversion Program for first-time offenders with Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs).

It is District Attorney Katz’s vision that first-time and low-level offenders will have opportunities to avoid criminal records and interaction with the criminal justice system.

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Rehabilitation Programs and Restorative Services Bureau

The Rehabilitation Programs and Restorative Services Bureau is a fulfillment of the District Attorney’s promise to ensure that the Queens District Attorney’s Office administers justice with compassion. The Bureau consists of the Diversion and Alternative Sentencing Unit and the Crime Victims Advocate Program.

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Crime Victims Advocacy Program

Crime Victims Advocacy Program continues to provide support to crime victims – including counseling services, assistance navigating the court system and obtaining reimbursement for crime-related expenses, and referrals to a wide number of other services.

The Program provides an environment that empowers crime victims to actively seek justice for themselves, their families, and their communities.

For more information, email or call 718.286.6812.

Diversion and Alternative Sentencing Unit

The Diversion and Alternative Sentencing Unit is dedicated to ensuring that individuals who have been arrested are offered opportunities for appropriate interventions and/or rehabilitative services. The Unit offers pre and post-arraignment diversion opportunities to individuals arrested for low-level offenses. The diversion opportunities provide one-time or short terms interventions that typically result in cases being sealed upon successful completion. Additionally, within the Unit, the Second Chance Community Justice Program is a diversion program where community members/leaders hear cases referred to them and offer low-level offenders the opportunity to repair and restore their relationships with their communities.