Local Law 12 of 2023 requires every New York City agency to develop and implement a five-year accessibility plan, in consultation with the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities ("MOPD"). The legislation mandates that the accessibility plans outline the steps agencies are taking to "ensure that the agency's workplace, services, programs and activities are accessible to and accommodating and inclusive of persons with disabilities" by improving physical, digital, and programmatic access, and providing effective communications for persons with disabilities.

These efforts include, but are not limited to: any alterations or structural changes to facilities or premises that are owned and operated by the agency or contracted for use by the agency or otherwise under the agency's jurisdiction; any planned upgrades or investments in technology or tools that will improve accessibility within the agency or access to such agency's services and programs; and additional steps to make the agency's programs and services more accessible to and inclusive of persons with disabilities.

This is the Queens County District Attorney’s 5-Year Accessibility Plan 2024-2028 .
Download a PDF file version of this plan.