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I was the victim of a crime, how do I get my property back?


A claimant should go onto the Queens County District Attorney’s website to fill out a formal property release demand form for the release of arrest evidence on the home page of If the vouchered property is NOT Arrest Evidence, a district attorney's release is NOT REQUIRED.  A claimant should fill out the form completely and include as an attachment, a copy of a form of identification. You can make a request on behalf of another person in this fashion with notarized authorization which you will also be required to upload. You can also come into the office to fill out the request form. Please make sure to bring copies of the your vouchers. An incomplete property request form will be not be deemed a formal demand. You will receive an e-mail notification explaining what is missing and will be asked to resubmit the form once you obtain the missing information.

Claimant's requests will NOT be accepted by any other means beside the one described above.

Once a formal demand is made, the Queens District Attorney's Office has 15 days to evaluate the request for release of arrest evidence before issuing a response (7 days for a vehicle).

A release from our office does not automatically guarantee the release of property.
NYPD procedure for property release can be found on:

If you do not know your arrest or docket number, you can retrieve that information by going to the Queens Criminal Court Clerk's Office located at G-64 on the Ground Floor of the Queens Courthouse (125-01 Queens Boulevard) or the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office located in room 710 on the 7th Floor of the Queens Courthouse.

If you have any questions please contact the Property Release Services Unit (718) 286-6826.

















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