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James C. Quinn
Senior Executive Assistant District Attorney

Laura M. Henigman
Deputy Executive Assistant District Attorney

John H. Larsen
Special Assistant District Attorney

Every year thousands of police officers assigned to patrol and detective duties within Queens County effect over 50,000 arrests. The volume of cases is staggering,running the gamut from minor crimes like jumping a turnstile in the subway to violent armed robberies and assaults. Assistant District Attorneys assigned to the Trial Division prosecute the overwhelming majority of these cases.

The Trial Division handles the processing of all cases upon their arrest through arraignment, at which point they are divided into resolution in either Criminal Court or Supreme Court. Of course, Grand Jury presentments are required for all indicted cases pending in Supreme Court.

Additionally, the Trial Division includes the Career Criminal Major Crimes Bureau and the Gang Violence Hate Crimes Bureau. These bureaus are staffed by some of the most experienced investigators and litigators in the entire office. The purpose of these bureaus is to ensure the most thorough investigations and prosecutions of crimes attributed to the county’s most serious criminals as well as violent crimes committed by youth gangs and other street level criminal organizations.

On any given day, bureaus within the Trial Division deploy Assistant District Attorneys to screen and evaluate cases stemming from new arrests, to arraign cases in the Criminal Court of the City of New York, to present evidence in felony cases to the Grand Jury and to represent the People in hearings, pre-trial conferences and trials in the Criminal and Supreme Courts. Assistant District Attorneys also respond to crime scenes, attend police line-ups and take statements from defendants in major criminal cases.  Every phase of a prosecution from the filing of a complaint in the Criminal Court to trial and sentencing in the Supreme Court is carried out by Assistant District Attorneys assigned to the Division’s nine bureaus.


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