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Peter A. Crusco
Executive Assistant District Attorney

Since the rackets-busting days of Thomas E. Dewey in the 1920's and 1930's, District Attorneys in the major counties of New York State have included in their crime fighting repertoires the investigation and prosecution of criminal activities that are not as visible or as obvious as the average robbery or burglary, but even more destructive. Often carefully concealed in a welter of documents and associations that require painstaking investigation to unearth, they include gambling and loansharking, sophisticated frauds, public corruption and large-scale narcotics trafficking.

In the Queens District Attorney’s Office these kinds of crimes are the bailiwick of the bureaus that comprise the Investigations Division. The Division includes the Organized Crime and Rackets Bureau, the Economic Crimes Bureau, the Integrity Bureau, the Narcotics Investigations Bureau and the Special Proceedings Bureau.

Experienced Assistant District Attorneys assigned to the Investigations Division specialize in the long-term investigations required to ferret out evidence of criminality that can elude less seasoned investigators. Penetrating layer after layer of associations, digging through documents and piecing together the hidden patterns are the specialties of prosecutions in the Division, who are backed up by equally talented detectives, accountants and technical experts.

At the outset of District Attorney Brown’s tenure, the revitalization and reinforcement of the Investigations Division was a top priority. In the last several years, the Division has established its reputation both within the law enforcement community and beyond as an aggressive force in the battle against crime. Federal, state and local law enforcers have come to rely on the legal expertise and can-do spirit of assistant district attorneys in the Division and do not hesitate to share their observations and intelligence or to undertake joint investigations. These investigations have run the gamut from the widespread theft of air cargo from Kennedy Airport to huge seizures of illicit drugs to the indictment of dozens of defendants in the illegal auto parts industry.

Working alongside assistants in the Division are the men and women of the New York City Police Department’s Queens District Attorney’s Office Squad, the New York State Police and the District Attorney’s Detective Bureau.


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