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John M. Ryan
Chief Assistant District Attorney

Vincent J. Carroll, Jr.

Since District Attorney Brown took office in June 1991, the office has undergone significant reorganization and change, adapting itself to the crime fighting needs of the diverse communities of the county. Specialized divisions and bureaus were created to focus on areas of concern to residents as well as to businesses, workers and visitors to Queens, the City’s second most populous borough and the country’s most diverse county.

The Major Crimes, Investigations, Trials, Special Prosecutions and Legal Affairs divisions of the office are responsible not only for the prosecution of arrest cases brought to the office by the New York City Police Department and other law enforcement agencies, but also for proactively seeking out wrongdoers and aggressively undertaking investigations of suspected criminal conduct.

Each of the major divisions in the office is composed of several bureaus, many of which have specialized missions. The Major Crimes Division includes the Special Victims Bureau, Domestic Violence Bureau, Homicide Investigations and Homicide Trials. The Investigations Division has bureaus whose mission is to root out organized crime, public corruption, narcotics trafficking and so-called “white collar crime.” It also includes specialty units for Human Trafficking, Auto Crime, Airport Investigations, Elder Abuse, Computer Crimes, Tax Fraud and Animal Cruelty. Our Office of Immigrant Affairs is included in our Special Prosecutions Division which reaches out to our communities. The Trial Division, which is at the core of our office, have bureaus dedicated to the prosecution of career criminals, narcotics’ violations and gang related crime and also includes our Alternative Sentencing Program.

In 1996, one of the most significant initiatives ever undertaken by the office was put into place with the establishment of a prosecutorial policy designed to eliminate plea bargaining in the most serious felony cases. The policy, which is discussed at greater length elsewhere in this report, generally prohibits plea bargaining after the Grand Jury has indicted a defendant on a felony charge, While this might not appear to be a particularly dramatic step, the fact is that the policy brought about a sea change in the way criminal justice is conducted in Queens County. It has enabled us to identify the serious cases early on and treat them appropriately and also to identify those cases where alternative sentencing is the appropriate outcome. In short, the policy has resulted in a better, “more effective” justice system for the millions of law-abiding people of Queens County.

The implementation of the new plea policy as well as other prosecutorial policies and procedures and the day to day administration of the office is the responsibility of the Chief Assistant District Attorney under the direct supervision of the District Attorney. The District Attorney also has an executive staff which includes his Counsel and Executive Assistants in charge of Investigations, Major Crimes, Trials, Legal Affairs, Special Prosecutions and a Director of Administration. In addition, each of the office’s bureaus is headed by a Bureau Chief and one or more deputies. For more than twenty years the DA met every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning with a different bureau insuring that he was on top of all that was happening in the office.

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