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The Queens County District Attorney’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (QDA OIA) was established by District Attorney Richard A. Brown in January 2015 to address the unique concerns of immigrants and new Americans as they navigate our legal system. The OIA was created because the District Attorney recognized that in this diverse community of Queens County, many immigrant victims of crime found it challenging to get help in seeking justice. Newly appointed Director Carmencita Gutierrez, is a daughter of Colombian Immigrants. She along with the OIA staff, liasisons and foreign language attaches are here to help. Click Here for Press Release

The mission of the OIA is to assist members of the immigrant community including visitors to Queens County who may have fallen victim to crimes, obtain justice within our legal system and to provide support and guidance to those who seek assistance in other areas related to criminal law.

The OIA understands that it is often more difficult for immigrants to seek and find help when they have become the victim of crime. Language barriers, cultural differences, fear of immigration repercussions, and a distrust of government often leave immigrants feeling helpless when they have been victimized. We are here to guide them through the judicial process and address their concerns.

There are over 30 lanugages spoken by our staff at the Queens County District Attorney's Office including English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Vietnamese. Our office understands that many immigrants are targeted because they are immigrants and often by people in their own communities. All immigrants regardless of their status are afforded the same rights under NY state law as any other victims, including the right to seek justice when they are victimized by others.

Protect Yourself ~ Identify your Rights ~ Call us

If you believe you were the victim of a crime, please contact us. The OIA deals with all crimes, including violent crimes as well as fraudulent schemes regarding obtaining immigration status, work permits and extortion etc…

If you suspect that someone is a victim of human trafficking, please reach out to us and help us protect them.

To reach QDA OIA, please call our Hotline at 718-286-6690 between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. If you do not speak English, please say the language you are most comfortable communicating in and then leave a message in that language with your name and telephone number. Someone who speaks your language will return your call. You can also email us at and our fax number is

Helpful Hints:
When seeking legal assistance with immigration matters:
1) If someone offers you legal services make sure they are a licensed attorney (or a Board of Immigration Appeals accredited representative, if they are working for a non-profit organization)

2) Please be aware that someone who identifies themselves as a “notario” does not necessarily mean that the person is a licensed attorney in New York State.

3) Ask For:
Their credentials
What school did they go to, in what state are they licensed as an attorney, their business cards

A written contract
What services are they actually providing you with, IE: help obtaining a green card, employment papers, permanent residency, citizenship status.  

A Receipt
Pay with a check, a money order or a credit card instead of cash
A receipt
Regardless of how you pay, always ask for a receipt every time you pay someone.

U Visa (I-918, Supplemental B U-Non-Immigrant Status)

The Queens County District Attorney’s Office is a certifying agency for the I-918, Supplemental B U-Non-Immigrant Status also known as a U Visa application. The Queens County District Attorney’s Office will certify a U visa for people who have been victims of crimes in Queens County. To qualify for our certification the victim must be fully cooperative in the prosecution of a case handled by the Queens County District Attorney’s Office.

To request additional information concerning the U Visa certification process, please email Tara-Anne Tiles at

Other Helpful Links:
If you need assistance regarding a non-criminal immigration matter please call the Office of New Americans at 1-800-566-7636.

If you need assistance in obtaining the name of an immigration lawyer or any other lawyer, please call the Grievance Committee at: 

Second Department Grievance Committees
Kings, Queens & Richmond Counties
Grievance Committee for the Second, Eleventh, and Thirteenth Judicial Districts
Renaissance Plaza
335 Adams Street, Suite 2400
Brooklyn, NY 11201-3745
(718) 923-6300
If you are interested in obtaining a IDNYC identification card, please call 311 to make an appointment to file an application for one.




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