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The Selection Process for Assistant District Attorneys

Every year, over 1,300 new law school graduates and admitted attorneys apply for positions as assistant district attorneys. The majority are filled by recent graduates.  While applications from experienced prosecutors from other counties receive careful consideration, our budget situation currently requires that all hiring be directed to entry-level positions.

The office has a merit-based hiring system free of any political consideration. The office recruits nationally for promising candidates at major law schools. On-campus interviews are followed by a panel interview with two senior Assistant District Attorneys. Those recommended for the third and final interviews meet with the Counsel to the Chief Assistant District Attorney and another senior member of staff. Successful candidates make a commitment to serve at least three years.

In addition to a solid academic record, potential litigation skills and a demonstrated interest in criminal justice, the office seeks candidates with impeccable character and judgment who are drawn to public service and the ideals it embodies.

The starting salary for Assistant District Attorneys is $69,000 for law school graduates and $70,000 for admitted attorneys. Salaries for candidates with prior experience may be higher. Assistant district attorneys are eligible to join New York City’s generous employees health and life insurance plans and its pension system. Assistants are also entitled to four weeks paid annual leave. A major urban prosecutor’s office, by its nature, offers lawyers unparalleled opportunities to develop strong litigation skills. The Queens District Attorney’s office combines these opportunities with an in-depth training program for recent graduates and ongoing training for experienced assistant district attorneys.

Training for newly-appointed assistants begins with a three-week orientation course.  Upon the completion of training, they are assigned to the Criminal Court/Intake Bureau.

Later, "first-year assistants" attend an intensive training program developed by the National Institute of Trial Advocacy (NITA), which pairs them with experienced prosecutors and highlights the fundamentals and foundations of trial advocacy. During their second and third years, assistants undergo additional periods of NITA training, focusing on trial techniques and strategy.

In addition, the Queens District Attorney’s Office conducts monthly lectures so that the legal staff can fulfill New York’s Continuing Legal Education Requirements. Moreover, each year many Assistant District Attorneys attend the Summer College of the New York Prosecutor’s Training Institute, held at the Syracuse University College of Law.

Equal Opportunity Employer
Qualified Assistant District Attorney applicants should send a cover letter and resume to:

Queens County District Attorney’s Office
125-01 Queens Boulevard
Kew Gardens, N.Y. 11415
Attn: Counsel to the CADA Vincent J. Carroll, Jr.

If you have any questions, please call (718) 286-6314 or e-mail

Mr. Carroll at


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